NCIFCB 2018 | National Conference on Innovations and Future Challenges in Biotechnology | 26-28, March-2018 ~ helpBIOTECH

29 January 2018

NCIFCB 2018 | National Conference on Innovations and Future Challenges in Biotechnology | 26-28, March-2018

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National Conference on Innovations and Future Challenges in Biotechnology

26-28, March-2018



The Last date extended for submission of abstract to 27-02-2018.


The world has witnessed extraordinary advances in Science and Technology over the last few decades. Biotechnology one such area of growth in an umbrella term covering a broad spectrum of scientific applications used in many tremendous areas such as health, environ-ment and agriculture. It involves the use of living organisms or parts of living organisms to provide new methods of production and make new products. However from new vaccines to prevent disease to genetically modified plants with resistance to pests, from replacement of heart, liver and kidney that are better accepted by the body to treatments for human infertility. Innovations, techniques and tools that have emerged and revolutioned modern Biotechnology include plant and Agriculture Biotechnology, Animal Biotechnology, Bioprocessing Technology, Environmental Biotechnology, and Microbial Biotechnology, structure based molecular designs including drug discovery, drug targeting and delivery systems etc. The main aim of the conference is to discuss the present issues and futuristic challenges to ana-lyze emerging trends and scenarios and to explore the future responsibilities and developments in redesigning the forthcoming Biotech-nology research in relation to the changing dynamics of user expectations. The main objectives are to explore the inter and multidiscipli-nary research in the areas where Biotechnology and related technologies get together. To offer universal platform to Academicians, Re-searchers and experts from industries, Scientists to share experiences, discuss research innovations in Biotechnology research and to build partnership between department of Biotechnology and other related departments of Sri Venkateswara University with other Univer-sities both India and Abroad to develop collaborations and meet experts on the fundamentals, user applications and products of the men-tioned areas of research.

 Plant and Agricultural Biotechnology
 Algal Biotechnology
 Biotechnology of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants
 Marine Biotechnology
 Food and Nutritional Biotechnology
 Nano Biotechnology
 Environmental Biotechnology
 Animal Biotechnology
 Bioprocess Engineering
 Microbial Biotechnology
 Biotechnology and IPR
 Industrial and Manufacturing Biotechnology
 Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
 Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
 Genetics and Tissue Science Engineering
 Bioinformatics and Chemi-informatics in Natural Products
 Biotechnology Parks
 Aquaculture Biotechnology
 Medical Biotechnology and Biomedical Engineering
 Metabolic Engineering
 Genomics, Proteomics and Next Generation Sequencing


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