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09 May 2018

KOREAN RESEARCH FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM (POST DOCTORATE) 2018 in Cell biology, Cancer Biology, Biotech & Inflammation


NRF (National Research Foundation of Korea) welcome application from prospective overseas Ph.D. researchers to join Korea Research Fellowship (KRF) program. This program is designed to help overseas post-doc researchers produce outstanding achievements and pursue mutual growth in South Korea. Interested candidates are requested to file an application in accordance with the relevant procedures.


The laboratory of Genetic Engineering and Cell Molecular Biology, Daegu University Gyeongsan, Gyeongbuk, Republic of Korea. Our research mainly focuses on cancer cell biology, inflammation and cell senescence. Presently, we are working on role of naturalcompounds on anticancer activity. We are using colon cancer, breast cancer and lung cancermodel. We discovered many compounds which directly modulates apoptosis and autophagyin inflammatory and cancer models. We are also trying to find out the role of autophagy andautophagy modulating compounds on drug resistant cancer cell models.

- Foreign-national researchers who have obtained their doctoral degree within the past five years (as of June 30, 2016)
- Korean-national researchers currently residing overseas who have obtained their doctoral degree (from a non-Korean university) within the past five years (as of June 30, 2016)

Duration of fellowship: Up to five years (Less than a 2 year research period will be not be acceptable)
Candidates having following qualifications/experience will be preferred:

- Cell biology related majors.
- Animal and isolator handling.
- Inflammatory pathway knowledge.


-Resume (including self-introduction)
-Publication list (attach 1-2 paper PDF)

Selected applicant will have to write a proposal for long-term research in English until 21st Aug.
Contact information: Prof. Sun Chul Kang

Number of positions available: 1
Deadline: 20th may
Research Fields Cell biology, Cancer biology, Biotechnology and Inflammation
Career Stage Experienced researcher 3-5 years (Post-Doc)

Benefits Level of Funding: Up to KRW 70 million (around 60-70,000 USD) per annum (personnel costs, living expenses, etc. for KRF fellow)

Requirements Required Education Level

Degree PhD or equivalent

Degree Field Cancer cell biology

Required Research Experiences

Main Research Field Cancer cell biology

Sub Research Field Cell biology

Years of Research Experience 5

Language ENGLISH

Language Level Excellent

Other details regarding this program you can email and ask to


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