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21 May 2018

PAU Four Week Skill Development Course | June 1-30, 2018 | Plant Tissue Culture/Molecular Marker Technology/ Bioinformatics

Four Week Skill Development Course 

June 1, 2018 to June 30, 2018 

School of Agricultural Biotechnology 
Punjab Agricultural University 

Plant Tissue Culture (PTC) 

Week 1 Orientation to PTC facility and Media preparation and sterilization 

• Good laboratory practices and safety measures 
• Orientation to plant tissue culture facility and protected structures 
• Nutritional requirements of in vitro cultures, stocks and media preparation 
• Preparation of stocks and culture media 

Week 2 Stages in micropropagation 

• Mother plant selection, collection and preparation 
• Aseptic culture techniques for establishment and maintenance of cultures 
• Callus culture from leaves 
• Micropropagation of sugarcane 
• Micropropagation of mentha and stevia 

Week 3 Rooting, hardening and plantation 

• Subculturing of Sugarcane, Mentha and Stevia 
• Rooting of the plant tissue cultures 
• Hardening of the rooted plantlets 
• Transfer to the soil and maintenance of the plants 

Week 4 Management, marketing and certification in PTC 

• Economics of establishing a commercial plant micropropagation unit 
• Certification of micropropagated plants 

Molecular Marker Technology 

Week 1 Conventional and High throughput DNA extraction procedures 

• Large scale DNA extraction using CTAB method. 
• High throughput DNA extraction for large number of samples 
• Gel based and high throughput procedures for DNA quantification 

Week 2 Insights into DNA • Concepts of polymerase chain reaction 

• Molecular marker and primers; concept development and design 
• Conventional PCR and its varinats: familiarization and setup 

Week 3 PCR product analysis 

• Preparation of Agarose and PAGE gels 
• Visualization and analyzing PCR product 
• SSR markers and their development 
• Germplasm characterisation and testing purity of hybrids using SSR markers 

Week 4 Gene mapping and Marker assisted selection 

• Introduction to gene and genetic mapping 
• Mapping populations and their development 
• Different approaches for mapping genes 
• Development of linkage maps and mapping genes of interest 
• Concept of MAS and its applications 


Week 1 Basic Bioinformatics concepts 

• Concepts of computing and Operating system (Window, Linux) 
• Introduction and overview of Bioinformatics 
• Biological Databases and sequence file formats 
• Pairwise and multiple sequence alignment 
• Phylogenetics tree construction methods 

Week 2 Gene Prediction methods 

• Introduction to gene prediction methods 
• Prokaryote gene prediction methods
• Eukaryote gene prediction methods 
• Gene annotation methods 
• Non-coding DNA 

Week 3 Protein Structure 

• Amino acids, protein structure classification and prediction methods 
• Secondary structure prediction methods 
• Tertiary structure prediction methods 
• Structure evaluation and refinement techniques 
• Docking studies of proteins 

Week 4 Genomics studies 

• SSR identification and primer designing 
• SNP identification and designing of primers 
• miRNA identification • miRNA based SSR design 
• Discussions and Feedback 


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