IIWBR Plant Breeding SRF/JRF Walk INs

1. Molecular approaches for mapping of noval gene (s) QTLs for resistance/tolerance to different stresses in rice, wheat, chickpea and mustard including sheath Blight comples genomics and resistance mechanism-Component Wheat 

Dr. Sonia Sheoran 

SRF 01 

Master in Biotechnology/Plant Breeding & Genetics Plant Breeding / Genetics/ Botany/Life NET qualified Candidates having PhD/ Four year Graduation degree are exempted from NET qualification 

Rs. 25,000/- + HRA per month 

Till March 2020 

Experience of molecular work in wheat crop. 

2.30 PM 

2. Combining field phenotyping and next generation genetics to uncover markers Genes and biology underlying drought tolerance in wheat 

Dr. Mamrutha H.M 

JRF 02 

Master’s degree in life science, Biotechnology engineering/with 4 yaer/5 years of Bachelor’s degree or Post graduate degree in Basic Sciences with 3 yaer Bechlor’s degree and 2 yaer Master degree with NET/GATE qualification as per ICAR notification 

25000/-+ HRA 

Upto June 2019 

Experience in biochemical and molecular techniques 08-04-2019 11.00 AM 

4. Exploiting alien genetic resources for developing climate resilient wheat and understanding mechanism of heat tolerance (17513190005 (1010399) 

Sindhu Sareen 

SRF 01 

*Master’s degree in Genetics / Plant breeding/ Biotechnology/ Botany or Agricultural Botany/ allied subjects Candidates must have 4 years / 5 years of Bachelor's degree or those with 3 year Bachelor’s degree and 2 years Master’s degree should have NET / GATE qualification (NET exemption as per ICAR F No Agril.Edn. 6/27/2014-HRD dated 09-10- 2015). 

Rs 25000/month + HRA for 1st and 2nd year and Rs 28000/month + HRA for 3rd year 

Up to July 31, 2021 

Experience in working on wild species of wheat/wheat/ field crops 
Knowledge of computer applications (MS Office) 

09-04- 2019 2.30 PM

5. ICAR-IASRI CABin Scheme Project “ Computational approach using genomic resources for genetic improvement in wheat focusing on less explored yield traits

Dr. Rattan Tiwari 

SRF 02 

Essential: Master Degree in Biotechnology with 4 years / 5 years of Bechelor’s degree or Post graduate degree in Biotechnology with 3 years Bachelor’s and 2 year Master Degree with NET/GATE or Ph. D. Qualification ap per ICAR Notification 

25000/- +HRA 

Till March 2020 

Experience in molecular techniques Bioinformatics. 

26.04.2019 11.00AM

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