Male Infertility due to 'Y’ Chromosome Gene Deletions : CCMB study

Scientists at the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB) led by K. Thangaraj, who have been studying genetic causes for male infertility for the last two decades, said the ‘Y’ chromosome consisting of several genes are responsible for the production of sperms, i.e. spermatogenesis, and deletion of these causes severe diseases of testes and spermatogenic defects leading to male infertility.
“We had earlier identified that the large deletion of ‘Y’ chromosome was responsible for male infertility in 8.5% of the cases. Now, we have studied micro to macro deletions of ‘Y’ chromosome and the molecular mechanisms behind the deletion events,” said Dr. Thangaraj, chief scientist and senior author of the study published in Scientific Reports on April 18 this year.

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