CDFD Workshop on Clinical Applications of Molecular Cytogenetics | 10th -15th June 2019

Hands on workshop announcement Clinical Applications of Molecular Cytogenetics 

10th -15th June 2019

Cytogenetics is still a gold standard technique to identify the numerical and structural chromosomal abnormalities in this era of next generation sequencing. It provides a low resolution, whole image, of the entire genome. The resolution has improved through the advent of molecular cytogenetic techniques. Molecular cytogenetics has become a powerful diagnostics tool in the identification of genomic rearrangements which are difficult to be diagnosed by conventional cytogenetics. Especially Fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) and microarray CGH. FISH is extensively used in the diagnosis of both pre/postnatal cases as well as for diagnosis of certain cancers, microdeletion syndromes etc. The aim of this workshop is to provide an introduction to methods and hands-on experience for the diagnosis of chromosomal disorders in cytogenetics, FISH and microarray analyses. 

Lectures: Chromosomal abnormalities, Principle of FISH and its applications in human disorders, Types of probes involved in the detection of microdeletion syndromes and structural rearrangements, Importance of microarray in human disorders, Quality control in cytogenetics etc. 

Laboratory: Hands on training in cytogenetics, FISH with single and dual color FISH probes (centromere, locus –specific, whole chromosome paint probes), Imaging and analysis, Microarray data analyses, case-based discussions etc. 

Participants: Minimum qualification is MSc/ MBBS. Young Scientists, medical professionals, students with some knowledge of cytogenetics are encouraged to apply with CV and one-page letter stating your interest by e-mail. 

Selection process: 25 participants would be selected based on screening of applications by a committee 

Last date for application: 15th May 2019 

Registration details: Participation fee Rs 5000/- (Rs 4000/- for students) 

*students to enclose the letter of student status.
• Amount to be paid as Cheque/DD in name of Director, CDFD. 
• Registration includes the breakfast, lunch and dinner for 6 days, workshop manuals and workshop materials. Accommodation is not included. 

Accommodation can be provided on request in the guest house / hostel upon payment of requisite fees. Contact Information: Dr Ashwin Dalal/ Dr Usha Dutta Diagnostics Division, Centre for DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostics, Hyderabad E-mail:;; Ph. 040-27216148 

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