Focus Area Science Technology Summer Fellowship 2020 (FASTSF 2020) for Students/Teachers

Focus Area Science Technology Summer Fellowship 2020  

FASTSF 2020-Announcement 

Instructions to Applicants (Please read each of the instructions carefully before filling up the application) 

The last date for receipt of applications online is 30 November 2019. Please do not send hard copies of marks sheets or applications. 

A. General 

1) This programme is open for all Students and Teachers studying/teaching in the North-Eastern states of India. VIZ. Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Nagaland, Mizoram, Sikkim, Tripura, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Jammu & Kashmir, Jharkhand and Madhya Pradesh only. 
2) Application should be submitted online in the prescribed format. This link is available in the websites of the three Academies (;; 
3) Its mandatory to upload the marks sheets from class X till the last examination. Please have the scanned versions of mark sheets (in JPEG format), before starting to fill up the application. 
4) Only one application per candidate will be considered. If more than one application is submitted, none of the applications will be considered. 
5) Answers to columns indicated by an asterisk (*) are mandatory and must be filled. 
6) The last date for receipt of applications online is 30 November 2019. 

B. Eligibility criteria Students 

7a) Applicants should be studying in one of the following: 

BS / BSc / BVSc (II year only) 
BPharm (III and IV years only) 
BE / BTech / BCA (II and III years only) 
BArch(II, III and IV years only) 
MS / MSc / MVSc / MPharm (I year only) 
ME / MTech / MCA / MArch (I year only) (5-year integrated) 
MS / MSc /MTech / MBBS (II, III, IV years only) 
PharmD (III, IV years only) (dual degree) 
BTech + MTech (II, III, IV years only) (dual degree) 
BE + MSc (II, III, IV years only) (dual degree) 
BS + MS (II, III, IV years only) 
Integrated PhD (I, II years only) MSc Tech (I, II years only) Teachers 

7b) Teachers working in North Eastern states, Bihar, Chattisgarh, Jammu & Kashmir, Jharkhand and Madhya Pradesh only need apply. 
8) The minimum percentage of average marks in core subjects only (i.e. excluding languages) from X std. up to post-graduation (whichever years completed) should be 65% or above.The minimum percentage of average marks does not apply for teachers. 
9) PhD students are not eligible. 

C. Contents  

10) The applicant should include a write-up (about 150–250 words) as to the specific area of the applicant and indicate what he/she would like to learn and achieve through this fellowship. It can also include the specific experiment or theory that the applicant wants to work on but NOT a general description of the area. The write-up should not be a "copy and paste" job from any source. 

11) Do not use special/scientific characters like Ø Ü the software will prevent you from uploading the application with such characters. 

D. Enclosures to application 

12) Both student and teacher applicants must upload scanned versions of mark sheets from class X till the last examination in JPEG Format (the size of each marks sheet should not exceed 700 kb). 

13) Teacher applicants should upload their publications, if any. On selection, an authorization letter from the Principal/HoD that necessary permission/leave of absence will be granted should be sent by post to the Coordinator, FAST-SF 2020, Indian Academy of Sciences, Bengaluru 560 080. 

E. Other matters 

14) Student applicants must upload the contact details of one of their present teachers or the Head of the Department (HoD). The Academy will get in touch with the teacher and obtain the recommendation letter. 

15) All decisions regarding the selection of candidates will be at the sole discretion of the Academies. Any grievance or dispute concerning FAST-SF 2020 shall be addressed to the Academy whose decision thereon shall be final. 

16) If a candidate is found at any point of time to have submitted false information, his/her fellowship will be cancelled, and he/she will be asked to pay back the fellowship amount/travel allowance etc. that has been paid to him/her. Further his/her guide and the Institution in which he/she is currently studying will be informed of the matter. 

17) Without prejudice to 15) above, only the courts at Bengaluru city shall be the fora for seeking judicial remedy, if any, for any dispute or grievance. 

F. Notes 

18) Academy means Indian Academy of Sciences, Bengaluru. Academies mean Indian Academy of Sciences (Bengaluru), Indian National Science Academy (New Delhi), and The National Academy of Sciences, India (Prayagraj). 
19) Guide means a person from the list of scientists/faculty approved by the Academies as guides. 
20) All correspondence should be addressed to: 

Mr C S Ravi Kumar
Coordinator, Focus Area Science Technology Summer Fellowship (FAST-SF)
Indian Academy of Sciences
C V Raman Avenue, near Mekhri Circle
Bengaluru 560 080

Tel. (080) 2266 1207, 2266 1202, 2266 1221

Email:, website:

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