2019 Best Science Images of the Year

Best Science Images of the Year

Bubbling plants

An underwater plant forms oxygen bubbles as it photosynthesizes.

Cellular tracks
Time-lapse photography shows how chick ectoderm develops over the course of 16 hours.

First direct image of a black hole
The Event Horizon Telescope collaboration unveiled this first direct image of a black hole

Water transport

 This image of a frog on a lotus leaf in Lalitpur, Nepal, is a stunning example of the ‘lotus effect’. This refers to self-cleaning properties of lotus leaves, which result from their water-repellent properties. Particles of dirt — or, in this case, a whole frog — are caught by droplets, which bead as a result of the surface’s nanostructure. Scientists first described the lotus effect in the 1970s, and it has since been used in many applications. For me, the image illustrates that, once again, mimicking nature is one of humankind’s best strategies for progress.specialized to drain cerebrospinal fluid.
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