IISER Tirupati Biology Post Doctoral Research Fellowship Program 2020

IISER Tirupati – Post Doctoral Research Fellowship (PDRF) Program 

Advt. No.13/2020/IISER-T/Rect./04.04.2020

IISER Tirupati has an active Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship (PDRF) Program to enable highly motivated young researchers to conduct research in the frontier areas of Science and Technology. Applications are invited twice a year, in April and October, for appointment of post-doctoral fellows in the various research areas. These positions are open for those with experience of 2 years or less, from the date of award of PhD degree. Those who have submitted thesis and are awaiting award of degree, can also apply. Such cases, if selected, will be considered as extended Senior Research Fellows till the degree is awarded. 

The Institute may give exceptions in terms of number of years of experience in case of highly meritorious candidates, with prior approval of the Competent Authority. 

Candidates should provide evidence of having carried out high quality research during or after their Ph. D. program. The award will be initially for one year, with an extension for one more year after review of performance. 

PDRFs have to get associated with a specific research group depending upon the research and facilities /mentorship required to carry-out research. 

How to apply: Interested candidates should contact faculty working in the below mentioned research areas at IISER Tirupati and identify a research project with the mentor to host the Fellowship. 

For details of the faculty and their research areas please visit: www.iisertirupati.ac.in/people/faculty 

Last Date for application for all streams: June 10 th, 2020. 

Candidates will be shortlisted based on the quality of their research work and proposal. The final selection will be made based on all the above criteria, specific area of research and performance in interview. 

Applications are invited for PDRFs in Mathematics in the following areas of research: 

1. Algebraic Geometry (Prof. D. S. Nagaraj) 
2. Number Theory, Complex Geometry (Dr. Anilatmaja Aryasomayajula) 
3. Harmonic Analysis, Functional Analysis (Dr. R. Lakshmi Lavanya) 
4. Algebraic Geometry, Algebraic Topology, K-theories (Dr. Girja Shanker Tripathi) For Mathematics: 

Submit your application online https://form.jotform.com/200772979164465 

Applications are invited for PDRFs in Chemistry in the following areas of research: 

1. 2D Materials and Electrochemistry (Prof. Vijayamohanan Pillai) 
2. Nanomaterials for Biological Applications (Dr. Jatish Kumar) 
3. Spectroscopic Study of Proteins and Nucleic Acid (Dr. Soumit Sankar Mandal) 
4. Computational Chemistry (Quantum or Classical) (Dr. Padmabati Mondal) 
5. Soft Matter Theory and Simulation (Dr. Rakesh S. Singh) 
6. Computational and Quantum Chemistry (Dr. Raghunath O Ramabhadran) 
7. Total Synthesis of Natural Products (Dr. Kiran Kumar) 
8. Organometallic Chemistry and Sustainable Catalysis (Dr. E. Balaraman) 
9. Synthesis and Catalysis (Dr. Gopinath Purushothaman) 
10. Organic Homogeneous Catalysis and Main Group Chemistry (Dr. Sudipta Roy) 
11. Bioinorganic-Biomimetic-Systems and Catalysis (Dr. Pankaj Kumar Koli) 

For Chemistry: Submit your application online https://form.jotform.com/200772644166456 

Applications are invited for PDRFs in Biology in the following areas of research: 

1. Developmental biology (Dr. Ramkumar Sambasivan) 
2. Plant stress biology (Dr. Annapurna Devi Allu) 
3. Plant development and applied genetics (Dr. Eswar Rami Reddy) 
4. Molecular oncology and cell signalling (Dr. Pakala Suresh Babu) 
5. Chromosome inheritance and genome stability (Dr. Viji Subramanian) 
6. Infection biology and host-pathogen interactions (Dr. Suchi Goel) 
7. Cellular and Vascular Biology (Dr. Sanjay Kumar) 
8. Spectroscopic Study of Proteins and Nucleic Acid (Dr. Soumit Mandal) 
9. Inflammation, immunity and cancer (Dr. V Sivakumar) 
10. Bio-Microfluidics and Soft Matter - Experiment (Dr. Dileep Mampallil) 

For Biology: Submit your application online https://form.jotform.com/200772292583458 

Applications are invited for PDRFs in Physics in the following areas of research: 

1. Hydrodynamics of active matter suspensions - theory and simulations – (Dr. Tapan Chandra Adhyapak) 
2. Experimental and phenomenological studies of QCD matter in high energy heavy-ion collisions (Dr. Chitrasen Jena) 
3. Bio-Microfluidics and Soft Matter - Experiment (Dr. Dileep Mampallil) 

For Physics: Submit your application online https://form.jotform.com/200772213437449 

Fellowship: Rs. 47,000/- p.m + HRA as per GoI rules if the candidate produces the Ph. D. Certificate. Otherwise, Rs. 35,000/- p.m + HRA as per GoI rules for those candidates whose Ph. D. degree is awaited. However, the candidate must produce a letter from competent authority stating that the thesis has been submitted and the final viva/defence is pending. Nominal research grant will be available under this program. Following selection to the IISER PDRF program, applications for competitive postdoctoral fellowships by the fellow may also be forwarded to DST-SERB or other agencies (DBT-RA, CSIRRA, ICMR etc.) through the Institute. 

Details of the SERB National Postdoctoral Fellowship (NPDF) are available at http://www./serb.gov.in/npdf.php.  

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