6 days Covid 19 Protein Modeling Hands on Workshop Using Bioinformatics Tools

NorthEast 1st independent Biotechnology Startup 

In Association with Wintrobe Hospital, Guwahati

A practical workshop on protein modelling of Covid-19 and 
Phylogenetic analysis of SARS family using different software

Coronavirus Structure: This workshop will provide hands-on experience for sequence analysis, molecular evolutions, 3D structure visualization & analysis, Homology modelling & model validation analysis. 

6 Days workshop: 

1. Introduction to Bioinformatics and Sequence analysis (Sequence Databases and analysis of COVID-19) 
2. Molecular evolutions & phylogenetic analysis (Evolutionary Tree construction of COVID-19, HIV, SARS, MERS) 
3. 3D Protein Databases (3D Protein structures visualization and analysis by using PDB & MMDB) 
4. Homology/Protein modelling (3D structure modelling of COVID-19 related sequences) 
5. Model validation Analysis (3D model validation of COVID-19 related modelled Proteins) 
6. General session on Further possibilities of Drug Discovery on COVID-19 (Basic concept of Docking by using your 3D model protein) 

Fees: 3800 INR 

15% Group discount will be awarded 

Limited seats only!! 

Certificates will be awarded 

First Batch:15th June (Registration closed ) 

2nd Batch:22 June

Guest Speaker

Dr .Tridib Barua

Director,Wintrobe Hospital



Dr Vaibhav Sabale
Sr. Bioinformatician & Project Head

 MrBiologist, Pune

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