IIRR Hyderabad Plant Biotechnology/Genetics/Microbiology Project Openings

(Formerly Directorate of Rice Research) 
Hyderabad – 30: Telangana 

F.No:2-29/Admin/2020 Dated: /08/2020 

Applications are invited from eligible candidates to attend virtual interview (online through video conferencing) for the temporary positions of Research Associate/Senior Research Fellows/Junior Research Fellows/Young Professional–II/Project Associates/Technical Assistant/ Field Worker as detailed below. Eligible candidates may send their resume in the given proforma to the e-mail address iirr.recruitment@gmail.com latest by 11-09-2020 along with the self attested scanned copies of original certificates of educational qualifications etc. After screening the applications, the eligible candidates will be informed about the details of online interview (Date and Time) by email/mobile or displayed in the IIRR website. Original documents will be verified at the time of appointment. If any candidate is found to have submitted false claims at later stage, their candidature will be summarily rejected. 

PI : Dr S K Mangruthia 1)Project : ICAR-NASF project “Genetic improvement of rice for yield, NUE, WUE, abiotic and biotic stress tolerance through RNA Guided Genome editing (CRISPR-Cas9/Cpf1)” 

SRF (two positions) - Rs.35000/- + 24% HRA p.m 

Essential qualifications : Masters degree in Agriculture biotechnology/ plant biotechnology/Plant Molecular Biology/ Genetics/Bio-chemistry/Plant Sciences/Life Sciences with 4 years/5 years of Bachelor’s degree 

1. Two years of research experience Or 
1. Masters Degree in Agriculture Biotechnology/Plant Biotechnology/ Plant Molecular Biology/Genetics/ Biochemistry/Plant Sciences/Life Sciences with 3 years of Bachelor’s degree and NET qualification 2. Two years of research experience. Desirable qualifications: Research experience in rice tissue culture and transformation.

2) Project: DBT project “Development of superior haplotype based near isogenic lines (Haplo-NILs) for enhanced genetic gain in rice” 

i) Project Associate II (one position) Rs.42,000/- + 24% HRA 

Essential qualifications: Doctoral Degree in Genetics and Plant Breeding/Agricultural Biotechnology/Plant Sciences/Genetics/Biotechnology/Botany/Biochemistry from a recognized University (OR) M. Sc (Ag) in Genetics and Plant Breeding/Agricultural Biotechnology from a recognized university with 4 years of research experience 

*Experience in Rice research and mapping complex traits, MAS, GWAS, NGS are desirable 

ii) Project Associate I (one position) 

Rs.31000/- + 24% HRA 

Essential qualifications: M. Sc (Ag) in Genetics and Plant Breeding/Agricultural Biotechnology from a recognized university (having completed 4 year Bachelor’s degree) (OR) Masters Degree in Plant Biotechnology/Genetics/Plant Molecular Biology/Botany/Biochemistry with NET qualification. 

*Experience in Rice research and mapping complex traits, MAS, GWAS, NGS are desirable 

iii) Field workers (Three positions) Rs.18000/- + 24% HRA 

Essential qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in Life Sciences 
*Experience in Rice field work is desirable 

PI: Dr.C.N.Neeraja 

3)Project : DBT funded Landrace project 

i)JRF (two positions) Rs.31000/- + 24% HRA for first and second year Rs.35000/- +24% HRA for third, fourth and fifth year 

Essential qualifications : 

1. MSc. in plant breeding/plant Biotechnology with four years of bachelor degree. 
2. NET from any of CSIR-UGC, ICAR-AICE. 

Desirable experience : 
1. Experience in mapping complex traits, MAS, GWAS, NGS 

2. Experience with molecular breeding and biotechnological tools, bioinformatics and laboratory works. 

ii)Technical Assistant (two positions) Rs.20000/- 24% HRA 

Essential qualifications : 

1. Bachelor degree in science or Diploma in Agriculture. 

Desirable experience : 

1. Field experience in rice cultivation practices PI : Dr. C.N.Neeraja 

4)Project : CRP Biofortification 

RA(one position) Rs.49000/- + HRA (for master degree holder) and Rs.54000/-+ HRA for PhD. degree holder. 

Essential qualifications : Ph.D in plant science/plant breeding/plant biotechnology or MSc. in Biotechnology /Agriculture(Plant Biotechnology) Botany with 4/5 years of Bachelor’s degree having 1st division or 60% marks or equivalent overall grade point average, with at least 3 years experience as evidenced from Fellowship/ Associate ship/Training /other engagements as circulated vide F.no.2-9/2012-HRD, dated 25-04-2020 and one Research paper in Science Citation Index (SCI/NAAS rated ( >4.0) journal as per OM SR/S9/-09/2018 of DST, dated. 30-01-2019. 

2. Experience in genetic engineering of rice with publications. Desirable experience : Knowledge of gene editing. PI : Dr Divya Balakrishnan 

5)Project: DBT project Exploring Chromosome segment substitution lines from inter-specfic crosses to decipher the genetics of grain weight and earliness. 

JRF(one post) Rs.31000/- + 24% HRA p.m for first two years and Rs.35000/- + 24% HRA for third year 

Essential qualifications : Masters Degree in Plant Breeding/Biotechnology/Plant Sciences/Life Science with first division and NET qualification. 

Desirable : Specialization in molecular plant biology PI: Dr B.Nirmala 

6)Project : SCSP project 

Young Professional II Rs.25,000/-(consolidated) (Reserved for SC candidates) 

Essential qualifications : B.Sc. with computer knowledge Desirable : Experience in rice extension activities and Diploma in computer application 

PI: Dr K Surekha 7)Project : ICAR-IRRI collaborative research project “Climate Smart Management Practices” 

Young profession II (one position) 

Consolidated pay Rs.25,000/-(consolidated) tenure of the project : 3 months initially and may be extended 

Essential qualifications : M.Sc in Soil Science/Microbiology/Life sciences from any recognized university 

Desirable qualifications : 

1. A minimum of two years experience in field experimentation, data collection especially in rice. 
2. Experience in laboratory experimentation and chemical analysis. 

PI: Dr B Sailaja 

8)Core budget 

Young professional II (one position) pay Rs.25,000/-(consolidated) 

Essential qualifications: Post graduate degree in Computer Applications/ computer science with minimum 3 years of experience in developing CMS based websites and geo server based geo portals. 

Desirable : Knowledge and experience in Satellite image processing and geospatial analysis using ERDAS, ARCGIS, Web GIS and QGIS Validating crop and climate models Developing machine learning/deep learning models with python/R programming, 

PI : G. Padmavathi 

9)Project : From QTL to variety : Genomics Assisted Introgression and Field Evaluation of Rice Varieties with Genes/QTLs for yield under Drought, Flood and Salt stress 

Research Associate (one position)

Rs.47000/- + 24% HRA 

Duration of the project : Initially for one year and likely to be extendable 

Essential qualifications : Ph.D degree with specialization in molecular biology/biotechnology/ plant biotechnology plant sciences/plant breeding and genetics. 

Desirable qualifications : Research experience in genotyping, field data collection, marker assisted selection, gene/QTL introgression, Computer Softwares related to molecular breeding and bioinformatics. 

PI : G.Padmavathi 

10)Project : Biofortification of rice under H Plus program

Duration of the project : Initially for one year and likely to be extendable 

Project Assistant (one position) Rs.15000/- pm (consolidated) 

Essential qualifications : Diploma in Agriculture/ B.Sc. degree from any recognized university Desirable qualifications : Experience in conducting field experiments and computer knowledge. 

PI: Dr G Pamavathi 

11)Project : Biofortification of rice under HP plua programme 

Young professional II (one position)


Essential qualifications : Post graduate degree in Agriculture/ Life Sciences from any recognized university. 
Desirable experience : Experience in conducting field experiments and knowledge in computer especially MS Office. 

Tenure : Initially for six months and likely to be extendable for one more year.. 

Dr G Pamavathi 

12)Project : DST-ICRISAT centre of excellence on Climate Change Research for plant protection Pest and Disease Management for Climate Change Adaptation. 

JRF (one position) 

Rs.31000/- PM + HRA 

Tenure : Initially for one year and likely to be extendable. 

Essential qualifications : Masters degree with Agricultural Entomology/Zoology/Biotechnology/Plant Science/Life Sciences. Candidates having 3 years Bachelors degree and 2 years masters degree should have NET qualification 

Desirable experience : Experience in minimum of 1-2 years in culturing and maintenance of insects, handling of field and glass house experiments and basic knowledge in statistics and computer 

Duration of the Project : Five years (2018-2023) 

PI : Dr L V Subba Rao 

13)Project : Accelerating impact and equity activity II : Evaluate and maintain the new entries advanced material and nucleus seed of different stress tolerant varieties in India. 

Young Professional-I (one post) 

Rs.15000/- pm (consolidated) 

Essential qualifications : Diploma in Agriculture/Bachelor degree in life sciences from any recognized university in the country 

Desirable : 1. Field experience of rice production technology 2. Knowledge related skills and familiarity with MS office. 

Duration of the project : Initially for 1 year and may be extendable depending upon fund availability in project. 

PI: Dr L V Subba Rao 

14)Project : CSIR-800 (Blight out) 

Young professional-I ( two posts) 

Rs.15000/- pm (consolidated) 

Essential qualifications : Diploma in Agriculture/Bachelor degree in Life science from any recognized university in the country 

Desirable : Field experience of rice production technology 
2. Knowledge related skills and familiarity with MS office. 

Duration of the project : Initially for 1 year and may be extendable depending upon fund availability in project 

PI: Dr L V Subba Rao 

16) project : SERB - Identification of heterotic yield QTLs in Swarna X Oryza rufipogon introgression lines (ILs) 

SRF - (one position) 

Rs.35000 + 24% HRA 

Tenure : Till March 2021

Essential qualifications : M.Sc (Genetic & Plant breeding) or Biotechnology or Life sciences with NET qualification 

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