Science and Technology Department, Haryana Promotion of Science Education (POSE) Scholarships 2021 For Final Year Students

Promotion of Science Education (POSE) Scholarship 
Scheme for the year 2020-21 

1. Introduction In order to encourage meritorious students towards science education and to support them for continuation of their science education up to higher level, Haryana State Council for Science, Innovation & Technology provides scholarship to the meritorious students of 3-year B.Sc./4-year BS/5-year integrated M.Sc./M.S. courses and 2-year M.Sc. course students opting for basic & natural science subjects viz (1) Physics, (2) Chemistry, (3) Mathematics, (4) Biology, (5) Statistics, (6) Geology (7) Astrophysics, (8) Astronomy, (9) Electronics, (10) Botany, (11) Zoology, (12) Bio-chemistry, (13) Anthropology, (14) Microbiology, (15) Geophysics, (16) Geochemistry, (17) Atmospheric Sciences & (18) Oceanic Sciences. 

The details of the scheme are as under. 

2. Admissibility of Scholarship The scholarships are limited only to the students who have taken admission during the year 2020 in any of the following courses: - 

(i) 3-year B.Sc./ 4-year BS or 5-year integrated M.Sc./M.S. program in Basic & Natural Sciences at IIT, IISc, IISER, NISER, DAE-CBS or in any college/university in India. 
(ii) 2-year M.Sc. program in Basic & Natural Sciences. 

• Under basic & natural science 18 subjects mentioned above will be considered. 
• The Scheme in its current format does not include courses in engineering, medicine, technology and other professional or technical courses. 

3. Eligibility 

1. For 3-year B.Sc./4-year BS/5-year integrated M.Sc./M.S. in basic & natural science subjects, the students should have passed class X and XII Board examination from a school situated in Haryana with minimum 85% marks for Haryana Board School and 90% marks for other boards like CBSE/ICSE etc. in 12th class. 2. For 2-year M.Sc. in basic & natural science subjects, the student should have passed X, XII and B.Sc./B.A. (B.A. for M.Sc. Mathematics) from school/college/university situated in Haryana with minimum 75% marks in B.Sc./B.A. class. 

Note:- If a student is presently availing the POSE scholarship in B.Sc class and he or she is studying in the college/institute situated out of Haryana. If he or she applies for scholarship in M.Sc class then he or she is eligible to apply for the POSE scholarship. In this case 10th and 12th class should be passed out from the school/college situated in Haryana.  

4. Number of Scholarship

(i) 3-year B.Sc./4-year BS/5-year Integrated M.Sc./M.S. courses - 150 
(ii) 2-year M.Sc. course - 50 Chairman, EC has the right to select a student from a discipline in case the said discipline is not represented. In case of tie preference will be given as under:- 

(a) Girl students will be preferred. (b) Preference to language score better of (English/Hindi) in 12th class board. (c) Student younger in age will be preferred. 

5. Amount of Scholarships

(i) Rs. 4,000/- P.M. for 3-year B.Sc. course. 
(ii) Rs. 6,000/- P.M. for 2-year M.Sc. course. 
(iii) If the students take admission in 4-year B.S. or 5-year integrated M.Sc./M.S. then the amount of scholarship during 1st, 2nd & 3rd year will be Rs. 4,000/- P.M. and during 4 th & 5th year Rs. 6,000/- P.M. 6. Merit List / Selection Criteria a) For 3-year B.Sc. or 4-year BS or 5-year integrated M.Sc./M.S. Courses Merit list will be prepared based on average percentage score obtained in class 12th board examination in English/Hindi (better of the two) and best of three out of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology (i.e. Total of four subjects divided by maximum marks in four subjects = %age). 


i) First priority will be accorded to the students admitted in national institutes i.e. IIT, IISER, NISER, DAE-CBS and IISc. Remaining scholarships will be given to the others on merit. 

ii) Students who studied 11th & 12th class in a rural area school will be given additional 3% weightage, subject to maximum of 100%. Rural area school will be regarded as those schools which are within the jurisdiction of the Gram Panchayat. 

iii) The students who have passed their 11th & 12th class from rural area elite schools will not be given additional weightage of 3%. ‘Elite’ schools are defined to be schools, where tuition fees and other charges payable exceed Rs. one lakh per year.

iv) Additional weightage would be added to the average percentage score obtained by the student for determining inter se merit (for example if a student got 90% marks in 12th class board exam and 3 he/she has passed 11th and 12th class from a non-elite rural area school then his/her marks will be considered as 93%). 

v) The students claiming the benefit of rural area must submit the rural area school certificate of passing 11th and 12th class from the rural area school duly signed by the Principal of the school, Sarpanch of the village panchayat from where 11th and 12th class passed and concerned BDPO. 

b) For 2-year M.Sc. The merit list will be prepared on the basis of average percentage marks of B.Sc./B.A. course in three years. 

7. Research Mentorship The selected students will get mentorship grant (one time) of Rs. 12,000/- in 3-year B.Sc. program, Rs. 17,000/- in 4-year B.S. program, Rs. 22,000/- in 5-year integrated M.Sc. program and Rs. 10,000/- in 2-year M.Sc. program. 

To avail the mentorship grant, the scholars are required to do project work under a Professor/Research Supervisor (Mentor) during their study in their parent institution or in any recognized Universities or Institutes or Research Laboratories/ Centres of their choice (preferably outside their parent institutions) either in India or abroad. For students doing a project in India, the expenses related to travel, accommodation and consumable expenses are reimbursed to the student within the mentorship grant. Please note that no food expenses are covered by this grant, as the students receive scholarship during this period. Students at 4th or 5th year of the Scholarship are allowed to carry our research project in any Institute/ University/ Laboratory abroad by utilizing the Mentorship Grant. If the sponsoring institute pays any stipend or travel grant, only the difference between the support received from all sources put together and actual expenditure will be reimbursed from the Mentorship Grant. 

The Mentorship Grant shall be reimbursed directly to the Scholar to carry out research work/project. After completion of the project work the candidate should submit the following documents to the HSCSIT for reimbursement of the Mentorship Grant. 

(i) A letter issued by the Professor/Research Supervisor/Head of Institution where the scholar is enrolled for the project indicating the duration of the project i.e. date of commencement and date of completion. 
(ii) A report outlining the objectives and results of his/her research work/project. 
(iii) Brief details of the expenditure i.e. travel, accommodation, consumable etc. duly countersigned by the Head /Principal/ Registrar/ Teacher of the College/University/Institute of the concerned institute.
(iv) Detail of the funds received from any other department/institute for the said research work/ project. 

8. Continuation of Scholarship 

(i) Students are advised to submit their self attested semester Mark-sheets through their institutions immediately after the declaration of result, preferably within 1 month of announcement of semester results to facilitate the payment of scholarship. Provisional or Internet copy of the Mark-sheets will not be considered. 
(ii) The Scholarships are awarded to the students on the basis of performance in the semester examination. For continuation of scholarship the selected students have to maintain at least 60% marks in each semester. In case of SGPA/SPI or any other index awarded by the university, the conversion would be done as per university approved formula. In case such university formula is not available the percentage will be derived by scaling down the SGPA/SPI by 10%. For example the SGPA/SPI is 6 on 10 point scale, the equivalent percentage would be taken as 54%. 
(iii) In case the institute/university is awarding SGPA/SPI or any index, the students are required to send the institute/university approved conversion formula from SGPA/SPI to equivalent %age. 
(iv) The scholarship will be paid to the students for all the twelve months in a year starting from the month in which the admission is taken. It will be from July (admission year) to June (next year). 
(v) The scholarship will be released to the students in two half yearly installments semester wise. First installment will be released on selection, the 2nd on the basis of performance of 1st Semester, 3rd on the basis of performance of 2nd semester and so on. 
(vi) Candidates having Compartment / Re-appear in semester examination will not be considered for further installment of scholarship. (vii) In case of re-appear or below 60% marks in any of the semester, the future installments of scholarships of the students will be discontinued. Candidates clearing the re-appear in supplementary examinations will not be considered for continuation of scholarships. 

9. POSE Scholarship shall be regulated with the following terms and conditions. 

(i) The students selected under this scheme will not be entitled for any other scholarship. 
(ii) The applications received through online mode will only be entertained. The applications received by other mode will not be considered.
(iii) Don’t submit more than one application. Please ensure that all the columns of the application are correct before submitting. No claims shall be entertained in case of incomplete or non-submitted application. 
(iv) The applications received online will be scrutinized and a merit list will be prepared as per the criteria of the scheme. 
(v) All offers made initially shall be ‘Provisional’. This shall be confirmed based on the verification of original documents by this office or by the concerned institute where the student is studying. The selected students have to submit the certificate of subjects/courses pursued in the 3-year B.Sc./4- year BS/5-year integrated M.Sc./M.S. & 2-year M.Sc. courses. The selected students have to submit a certificate that he/she is not availing any other scholarship along with POSE scholarship. The certificate is to be countersigned by the head/principal/registrar of the college / university / institute. The student will submit the proof of enrolment certificate duly certified from the Head /Principal / Registrar / Director of the College / University / Institute. 
(vi) Any change or re-admission to another College/ University/ Academic Institute within the same academic year is acceptable, provided the scholar pursues subjects out of identified 18 nos. subject(s). The Offer would stand invalid in case this change or re-admission occurs in the next academic year and thereon, or subject(s) pursued is/ are beyond the 18 identified subjects. In such a case, there will be no scope for restoration of the offer and no communication would be made separately to Scholar. 
(vii) The scholarships will be disbursed directly to the students in their bank accounts through online (NEFT / RTGS). All the students while applying shall have to open their accounts in the banks having Electronic Transfer / ECS facility and furnish the bank details like Name of bank, branch address, IFSC code and account number in the application format for online transfer (RTGS / NEFT) of scholarship. The student may ensure that their bank account number should be linked with Aadhar Number. 
(viii) This scholarship will be given to the students studying basic & natural science in the identified 18 subjects. 
(ix) Only regular students will be eligible to apply for this scholarship. The students studying privately or through correspondence / distance mode or in unrecognized institutions will not be eligible for this scholarship.
(x) The students should not be involved in any type of indiscipline or unfair means. 
(xi) There is no limit of family income for availing benefits of this scholarship scheme. 
(xii) Self Attested photocopies of all the certificates from 10th onwards will have to be uploaded with the application.
(xiii) HSCSIT will have the right to increase or decrease the number of scholarship. (xiv) If a student is found to have obtained a scholarship by false statement, his/her scholarship will be cancelled forthwith and the amount of the scholarship paid will be recovered, at the discretion of HSCSIT. 6 
(xv) In case of any confusion/dispute decision of Secretary, Executive Committee HSCSIT will be final. 
(xvi) Sanction in respect of the shortlisted students will be issued by this office after verification of original documents, submission of the proof of enrolment certificate and other relevant papers duly certified from the Head /Principal /Registrar /Director of the College /University / Institute. 
(xvii) All correspondence in respect of POSE scholarship may be made in the name of Secretary, Executive Committee, Haryana State Council for Science, Innovation & Technology, Bays No. 35-38, Sector 2, Panchkula. Phone No. 0172-2563439, 2560309, 2560339, Fax No. 0172-2560018, E-mail 

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