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11 September 2015

New human species, Homo naledi Discovered

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Scientists find fossils of our ancient relative, who had surprisingly human-like features, in a remote cave near Johannesburg

Scientists have discovered a new species of human ancestor deep in a South African cave, adding a baffling new branch to the family tree.


Early humans buried their dead in caves, scientists have found, after discovering a new species hidden in a burial chamber.

At least 15 skeletons of the species - named Homo Naledi - were found hidden deep in a cave dubbed the 'Star Chamber' in which is thought to be the earliest form of ritual burial ever discovered.

The early humans stood just five foot tall and weighed 100 pounds. Their hips were similar to our earliest ancestor, the hominid Lucy, but their shoulders were well designed for climbing but legs and feet were human like. Their skulls are like early humans, but their brains are tiny, just the size of an orange

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