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27 March 2016

Austria Population Genetics PhD Openings for International Students


The Vienna Graduate School of Population Genetics provides an exciting training opportunity for highly motivated and outstanding PhD students with a background in one of the following disciplines: bioinformatics, statistics, evolutionary genetics, functional genetics, theoretical and experimental population genetics.

Available topics include:

• Convergent and adaptive evolution during ecotype formation

• Wolbachia infection dynamics in evolving Drosophila populations

• Evolution of novel, NGS-based, approaches for dissecting the genetic basis of complex traits • Evolution of the transposable element landscape in Drosophila

• Evolution of gene expression

• Selfish mutations • Statistical inference for experimental evolution using pooled NGS data

• Inferring evolutionary trajectories from time series data

• Functional characterization of beneficial alleles in Drosophila

• Modified evolve and re-sequence design

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