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01 August 2016

BioLim Varsity’s Research Diploma Courses

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BioLim Varsity’s Research Diploma Courses

BioLim Varsity is an organisation promoted by BioLim Trust which is excelling in providing virtual education since 2013. BioLim Varsity is providing fundamental and applied courses in different fields, such as biotechnology, pharmacology, microbiology and nanotechnology. With an outstanding value of track record, BioLim Varsity has now launched a sixth month most essential course called RESEARCH DIPLOMA, which is the first of its kind in the virtual education.

Research diploma course is principally aimed at developing the researching ability to the learners and making them strive towards developing a fundamental or applied research towards the interest of the industry and society.

The research diploma course consists of modules which expose the learners towards effective understanding of the subject of interest, demand analysis, literature survey, methodology finding, timeline framing, developing research proposal, awareness towards research ethics, good research practices, good laboratory practices, free internship in research institution to perform the proposal, result compiling and interpretations, article writing and steps in research implementation.

Currently, four variants of research diploma course are available namely:

· Research diploma in Nanotechnology

· Research diploma in Biotechnology

· Research diploma in Microbiology

· Research diploma in Food Science

The following are the specialisation areas available to choose to perform research:

· Nanotechnology (nanomaterial development; nanobiotechnology product; nanopharmaceuticals; nanoinformatics)

· Biotechnology (microbial products; marine products; pharmacoinformatics)

· Microbiology (novel strain identification; environmental remediation; microbial metabolic pathways; microbial metabolomics)

· Food Science (novel dairy products; novel functional foods; probiotics; nutrigenomics)

Course mode

The course is conducted virtually (online) and in addition to that 20 to 60 days* of free internship opportunity will be given in BioLim Centre for Science and Technology research facility at Chennai.

Additional Specialty

Learners can use the research internship report as the part of the doctoral research work* or PG/UG dissertation work*.

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