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20 December 2016

CSIR December 2016 Exam Paper | Toughness | Expected Cut Off | helpBIOTECH Review

 helpBIOTECH Academy, Hyderabad MSc Biotech/Life Sciences Class Room Coaching 2019

CSIR December 2016 Life Sciences [JRF/NET] Exam

Exam Date 18th December 2016  [Sunday]
Units All units got almost equal questions.  Most of the questions on BASICS, DEPTH and EXPERIMENTAL.

Part - C

1. Biochemistry – Basic questions
2. Cell Biology – Experimental.
3. Molecular Biology – Direct and Experimental
4. Cell Signaling/Immunology - Direct and Experimental
5. Developmental Biology – Direct
6. Plant Physiology – Direct
7. Animal Physiology – Direct and Depth
8. Genetics - Direct
9. Taxonomy – DIRECT
10. Ecology – Direct
11. Evolution and Behavior – Direct
12. Biotech – Few
13. Techniques – Experimental
Type Compared to June 2016, Tough
Cutoff for JRF Around 105-110 for General, <100 OBC and <90 for SC/ST
Cutoff for NET Around 100 for General, 90 OBC and 80for SC/ST
Note: Looking at the question paper, at helpBIOTECH Academy, we feel student needs to understand the concept and Basic techniques such as Protein Purification, Basic rDNA Techniques, CD spectroscopy, Fluorescence etc.
Next June 2017, better to focus on more practice on questions.

CSIR December 2016 Paper + Part B and C Keys + Explanations.

CSIR December 2016 Paper (Original Paper Without Keys).

Download : www.helpbiotech.co.in/p/downloads.htm



Anonymous said...

Looking at the previous cutoff's I.e 119.5 of Dec 2015 & 118 of june 2016 which are too high as compared to expected cutoff of Dec 2016 Si tell me the reason on which U r basing Ur cutoff prediction.I have also gone through Ur previous expected it off's Surely U were quite a bit off target.Although we cannot predict anything but plzzzz do reply to me????thanks in advance

Anonymous said...

I've reviewed against this question of Dec 2016 Csir So plz have a look at it whether it vl changed or not in the final answer key I'mean what are the chances????
Mitotic cyclin-CDK activity peaks in M phase. This is because (1) Mitotic cyclin is synthesized only in M phase. (2) Threshold level of mitotic cyclin accumulates only in late G2. (3) Cyclin subunit is activated by phosphorylation only in M phase. (4) The kinase subunit is activated by dephosphorylation only in M phase
My Justification:
I got the problem with the statement that the kinase subunit is activated by dephosphorylation Only in M phase.This dephosphorylation is carried out by cdc25, a phosphatase.Taking into account Only of the statement means cdc25 will be active in M phase Only.So their must not be contradictory reports against it.Have a look at the extract from Molecular Biology :Principles of Genome Function by Nancy L.Craig, Orna Cohen Fix et al IInd edition page 172.I have highlighted & boxed the contradiction.If that is not enough look at the extract from Cell & Molecular Biology:Concepts & Expt's by Gerald Karp figure page 365.These extracts say that cdc25 is active in G2 & thus dephosphorylation does occur in other phase other than M phase.
Mitotic cyclin-cdk complex comprise cyclin B-cdk1 & cyclin A-cdk1 complexes.As I take Only of the statement into account these complexes should be active in M phase only.Any report of their activity in other phase means contradiction.Have a look at an extract from a research paper which proposes cyclin B- cdk1 complex is active in G2 & 30% of maximum is reached in G2.Add to it another research paper extract which says that cyclinB- cdk1 is activated on dephosphorylation by cdc25 in G2.
Also I have attached a book page extract which says that cyclin A- cdk get activated in G2.
Another thing which I should add is that if a cell has to enter mitosis cdk1 has to get active prior to M phase.If this does not happen surely a cell will remain in G2 phase just growing in size.If U want proof of that just check Cell & Molecular Biology concepts & Expt's by G.Karp page 365 where a cdc25 knockout remained in G2.
(Had the Statement been without Only i.e kinase subunit is activated by dephosphorylation in M phase it would have been 100% correct)

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