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05 August 2016

CRRI Molecular Biology/Biochemistry SRF Walk Ins

 helpBIOTECH Academy, Hyderabad MSc Biotech/Life Sciences Class Room Coaching 2019




"Incentivizing research ‐  Study of rice yield under low light intensity using genomic approaches." (EAP‐198)

Senior Research Fellow 02 (Two)

Rs. 25,000/‐ p.m. + 20% HRA for 1st & 2nd year, Rs. 28,000/‐ p.m. + 20% HRA from 3rd year onwards as per rule.


1.P.G. in basic sciences (Biotechnology/Life Science/Biochemistry/Boiinformatics/ Botany/Physiology) with three years bachelor's degree and NET qualification.

2.P.G.In professional sciences (MCA, M. Tech) with 3 years Bachelor's Degree 3 years Master Degree or 4 years Bachelors Degree and 2 years Masters Degree. Agriculture Sciences (Biotechnology/Genetics/Plant Breeding/Biochemistry/Physiology/Bi oinformatics) with four years of Bachelors degree and two years Masters Degree or three years Bachelors Degree with three Masters Degree.

4.Ph.D in Biotechnology//Biochemistry /Bioinformatics/Computer Science/Life Sciences with experience in bioinformatics.

Desirable: Working experience in molecular biology/Biochemistry/tissue culture/plant breeding/genetics Physiology/Plant Breeding/ Genetics/physiology/ Bioinformatics especially with genome sequence and transcriptome sequence analysis.

35 yrs. for men and 40 yrs. for women.

Up to 31.03.2017. Likely to be extended on an annual basis

16.08.2016 at 10.30 a.m. NRRI, Cuttack

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